Welcome South Davis Families!

The South Davis PTO is excited for the 2018-19 school year to end to allow us to start planning for the 2019-2020 school year. We have been working hard to continue to improve our programs at South Davis.  We are pleased to inform you of a few changes:  

  • Membership Toolkit App – This is the first year we will be using the app. Please bear with us as we figure this out.  Quickbits will be retired this year so please join the PTO.  By joining the PTO, you will receive communication directly from the app.  Share your feedback.  If something is not on the website, please notify us so we can make it better.

  • Volunteer Orientation and Annual Acknowledgement

    - If you would like to volunteer at South Davis this year, you must attend a Volunteer Orientation IF you are NEW to South Davis OR you have never taken an orientation.  Orientation can be completed on-line here.
    - If you have already attended a volunteer orientation at South Davis in the past, simply go here and sign the Annual Acknowledgement form in order to volunteer during this school year.
  • Other Information:
    • Meetings - You do not need to attend the meetings to be an active member of the PTO
      • All adult family members are welcome and encouraged to participate in decision making, younger siblings welcome to attend with parent.
      • Held at school, once per month, including day and evening meetings. See calendar for dates and times.
    • Volunteer Program - Sign up to volunteer when you are available. If each family volunteers 1 or 2 hours per year (that's one event a year), this will allow all families to enjoy all the events.  We have a few chair positions open (please let me know if you can help!)

- Book Fair (co-chair)                               - Central Council Representative
- Holiday House (2 or 3 people)               - Homecoming Float (co-chair)

    • Fundraising - Our fundraisers support our students by funding educational programs such as Earth Spirit, character development, equipment purchases and in-school programming.  Our fundraisers include Movin’ & Groovin’, Book Fairs, Basket Auction and Box Tops collections.

 Our first PTO meeting will be Thursday, September 12th at 9:30 AM.  Please join us!  

 We are looking forward to working a fantastic year at South Davis!


 PTO President

Anetta Hendershot






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YOU should JOIN


10. It’s for every parent or grandparent. Your voice and ideas can help improve the quality of education for your children and their peers.


9. It’s flexible. The PTO has progressed to meet the changing needs of parents. There are a variety of ways parents can help and be involved in the PTO depending on your availability.


8. Your membership is one of our primary fundraisers. The PTO relies on your membership funds to provide educational and social services for all South Davis children, teachers and staff.


7. You’ll be a role model. You’ll show your children that not only are they important to you, but their education is as well. They’ll see you taking a stand to make education better for them, and chances are they’ll do the same.


6. You’ll be there. The elementary school years go quickly! They are also the years where your children WANT and LOVE to see you at their school.


5. You’ll make a difference. By volunteering with the PTO, you’ll be able to use your skills for a noble cause – to help create the best educational environment possible for our children.


4. You’ll be part of a network. Every PTO function is an opportunity to meet other parents in the same situation as you. You will be connected with a group of parents who share a common goal of improving South Davis Elementary for all children.


3. You’ll get connected. There’s no better way to know what’s going on at the school than to be in the school’s PTO. You’ll get to know teachers and administrators on a familiar basis.


2. It’s important to the school. PTO provides support to teachers and administrators, and creates a caring and supportive atmosphere in the school. With all of the budget cuts, schools are becoming more dependent on parent groups.


AND THE #1 REASON… It’s good for your child! Research shows that children whose parents are involved in their school make better grades and have fewer disciplinary problems at school. When parents get plugged in at school, their children do better.


The more time you take out of your day to become involved with your child’s education, the better. Being an involved parent can be as simple as helping your child with homework or even just reading together. You don’t have to make the PTO a full-time job to make a difference. However, volunteering occasionally and attending school events really does matter. Showing your child you value education will teach them to value it as well.